Instagram Marketing Tactics

Before you launch: Make sure you have some money saved up in case influencers don’t work. (What will happen). I would save like 200-300 dollars – I know that’s hard but try your best! Pick up some extra hours!

  • I started with $200 but the more money was for products testing the more money you have the better!

First two weeks: This is the influencer phase, buy shout-outs every other day and keep your ADS relatively the same.

Use the script below the reach influencers


My name is (Name) and I own (name of the store). I was looking through your feed and I really like what you are posting. I have a brand that promotes products (Your Products name) that I think your followers would like and I also think we can both make a lot of money together. On top of that, since my products are similar to your page, your followers wouldn’t get annoyed with the posts and unfollow, and they would love my store. I’m very interested in doing a big promotion on your page. Please get back to me with some rates as soon as you can! Thank you.

– Best regards.

(Your Name).

Use The content Below to Promote, Get Engagements and Grow page but please add a twist to it


Hurry in! We just restocked and are doing one of our last giveaways! We’re giving away 176 of our best-selling (your product name here)! We sold out in less than 4 hours last time, so move fast! This could be your last chance: Order ONE (your product), Get it FOR FREE! (just pay shipping) It’s perfect for all of you (targeted audience)! Grab yours HERE while supplies last➡️ Click the link in @ your page bio! @ your page Your site .com @ your page

  • Chose the top 3 influencers at the end of the two weeks.

The third week: Test different ad sets every other day. (Pictures, AD copy, Posting time)

  • Obviously take not of which ones are preforming higher than all the others.

Last week: Push everything that’s performing the best. (Influencers, ads, posting times).

How to scale this: This is a lot of work guys. After you have a successful week you need to rinse and repeat. You can continue to push the ads that work but then have to be on different days from when your testing new influencers or ads. 

  • Completely restart the process and find more influencers! Once you get to the point where you have 10 influencers you can start running 2 ads a day and make serious money.


Blue – Influencer testing

Red – Ad testing

Green – going hard on successful ads

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