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Shopify Dropshipping 2021 guide – simplified for beginners Get started now!

Dropshipping has become a major gateway to the world of e-commerce as it reached $ 709.78 billion by 2020 representing US retail sales of 18.5%.
More than 30% of online retailers are already using downtime, and the rate has been rising every year.
However, many newbie entrepreneurs do not know and are curious about the decline of Shopify and how the decline works.

Let’s start with this comprehensive Shopify dropshipping guide by understanding what it means to start a downhill business.

If you already understand, then you can click here to scroll down to the first step!

If not, I will explain it to you:

  1. You have an online store where you sell products, but you do not have these products in your storage or in your home.
  2. When someone places an order at your drop-in store, you place the same order directly with your drop-off provider. Don’t worry. There are many apps available that help you automate this. For example, Oberlo, or these are 15 other ways of Oberlo.
  3. After that your drop-down provider will handle the rest. Consider preparing a package and sending an order directly to your customer.
  4. Now your customer will receive the package directly from your drop-off provider, and you have never touched a product in between!

The most common question people have now is, will my client not know that the package did not come from me?

For example, are there no ads or receipts from the supplier in the package?


You just need to make sure your supplier accepts blind dropshipping

  1. The first step of this may seem obvious, but I still wish to give you tips on this!

Now you know you’re going to a drop-down or niche store. This will be the starting point for your thought process.

Here are some tools to help you get started in the process of finding a good domain name. Just fill in the name and these tools will give you more domain names.

For example, if you are in a niche in the garden. Try to fill in something related to that niche to see what it returns. Like ‘garden’ or ‘trees’ or maybe ‘flowers’.

2 Register your domain name
Shopify Dropshipping: Make Your Own Store, Register your domain name at Namecheap
As you saw above, I recommend that you use Namecheap as a registrar for your domain. I use them too, and I think they are good (and cheap).

Shopify Dropshipping: Create Your Own Store | Register your domain name at Namecheap

3 Let’s create a valid email address
The final step is to create a professional email address with your new domain name.

Technically I mean something like support@mystore.com, not something like support-mystore@gmail.com

I suggest you check out Zoho Mail. With Zoho Mail, you can create a valid email address for free.

4, Product Research

The product research method is:
– Product must have a wow factor which people sees and shocked and amazed by that product in which they can instantly take decision of how cool this product is
– Product needs to have a problem solving factor which makes people daily lives easier
– Product should not be saturated or sold in other stores

5. Supplier

Most people who start out with a drag are determined to stay afloat. They go to a website where they find their products (like AliExpress), filter by price, and choose the lowest.

Because this will make you rich, won’t it?

It’s wrong, though this may work for you in the short term, it will definitely bother you in the long run.

What if your supplier doesn’t respond to your messages asking for a package from your customer? What if your supplier cannot continue if you receive hundreds of orders each day?

Top companies for fulfillment are:
1. Cj dropshipping

2. Wiio

3. Sourceinbox

4. Eprolo

These are among the top companies which can source and fulfill orders for you daily.

6 Create a Shopify account

To open your Shopify drop-down store This can be the most important step, but also the least time-consuming, haha.

The only thing you need to do in this step is to create a Shopify account, because you can’t have a Shopify store dump if you do not have a Shopify account.

It’s really easy though, just click the link below, and fill out your email address on the Shopify trial page.

After that, you fill in all the details that Shopify asks you for. As the name of your store and if you are already selling or just starting out.

These are all personal questions, but all speak for themselves afterward. If you need help, you can always contact me, or you can contact the Shopify Support Team!

You can click here to get the free 14-day trial of Shopify

7. Make your Shopify dropshipping store

You can choose any free theme to design the store, click on Online Store > Themes to design the store.
Create logo from canva import products by downloading app from shopify app store

There are number of apps to import products to your shopify store, which includes:

  1. Oberlo
  2. Cj dropshipping
  3. Wiio
  4. Eprolo

Then price your products accordingly, increase your profit margins to 15 – 25% of each product

Create legal pages which includes Privacy Policy, Terms of service, Shipping policy, GDPR compliance, refund policy for customers

Then Create FB and instagram business pages and start marketing your shopify dropshipping store

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