July 1

How to Make Money Online Giving Away Free Stuff

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are the free stuff, you can convince people to follow your
list by giving lead magnets. You can make money from your followers in
several ways. If you are a course creator you can sell your courses to
your followers. If you are an entrepreneur or blogger you can make
money by sharing affiliate links.

  • Here are some tips to grow your subscribers
  • Create a lead magnet that is related to your work
  • The important thing in selling products or courses is that give the best
  • freebie to your followers that goes above and beyond to give people a
  • reason to subscribe. Your lead must be good, not enough to attract only you.
  • Don’t just sell to your followers
  • Your followers not always want information and courses at some cost,
  • sometimes they want it free. You must send them free information in
  • weekly newsletters.
  •  Understand your followers about the stuff
  • Give your followers a clear call and benefits about the thing you are selling. By doing this readers will understand why they need this in their daily life.

Course Bonuses

If you are providing a course or product, you have got to include some bonuses. This works well for everyone. Just keep move the freebies as you share what a great deal your course will be. Affiliate marketing is a great way to give away free stuff and make money.

How would you like to make money online giving away free stuff? Yes, it is completely possible and legit. There are offers online people offer for free. If someone just pays the shipping, and they allow you to
promote this, it is great marketing because people love free stuff. And sure they will pay some money in shipping if they get something for free.

In this guide, you will learn how you can make money by offering others
free stuff, with the free plus shipping offers.

Find offer
Find the offer you want to work with. You can find your offer in Clickbank. Here you can find free plus shipping offers. Just sign up and promote their offers for free. This will give you all the offers you can promote. Search free plus shipping and you will see lots of offers. You can give it away and can make money. Select the one you want and
promote it.

Build an audience
You can build an audience on Instagram or YouTube. Instagram is the best place for it because the offer is not your personal, create a YouTube channel for it will not be a good choice. You can promote this single offer on Instagram and make money, and it is much more sample.

First, create an account and provide value to it that speaks to the target audience and offer. Direct people to the link on your website or bio.

I shared two ways of making money online by giving away free stuff. One is sharing your knowledge and selling products and courses. Now you knew the benefits of giving away free stuff. And the second one is
giving away the free stuff of other people. I will simply say that making
money in the affiliate market.

Are you ready for making money online by giving free stuff? Start thinking about which way suits you best. How can you give knowledge to people and make money? Or you want to start offering others free
stuff and make money. Is that your choice?

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